Islam and Terorrism

14 Nov 2010

Islam and terrorism. All this is a matter of perspective and conviction. It could be a Muslim terrorist. But could also be someone who is not Muslim terrorists.
I live in Indonesia, whose majority are Muslims. Initially all citizens are free to run their own beliefs, but it all ended a bit by bit when some people tarnish it with the bombing of peace in our country.

All eyes around the world turned to us, alleging that the terrorists were there because majorities of the population in our country are Muslim. They are Muslims, and they are terrorists.

The majority of people outside of Islam hold that Islam is a religion of extreme, hard and likes war. How not written in the history of the world that the war undertaken by Muslims always wallowing in blood for the sake of seizing power. But never mentioned that in the teachings of Islam it is prohibited to kill people without a justifiable reason. In fact Islam forbids Muslims to destroy crops during warfare, let alone to kill women and children.

Terrorism is an act of persecution to men with force to cause confusion or create fear. While jihad is devoting capabilities in the war in the way of God with the soul, property, verbal and so forth. Jihad aims to defend the Islamic religion and helping those who are weak.

There are four groups that should not be killed in the teachings of Islam. The first class is a Muslim. Muslim blood is very precious and awake. So not to be shed without a reason that justified by Islam. The second faction is the dzimmi are people who are not Muslim but he lived in the lands of Islam and live safely under the protection of Muslim governments. The third faction is mu'ahad i.e. people who are not Moslems living in the country and between the Muslim community with the peace agreement they have not fought for a while. The fourth class is musta'min, i.e. people who are not Muslims who enter the Islamic country with security guarantees, either for trade or other interests.

All the Muslim scholars agree that the unlawful act of terrorism carried out by killing themselves and eliminate the life of another without a justifiable reason is a big sin in Islam. Many of the negative effect caused by this irresponsible action, among which are damaging the image of Islam in the eyes of the world. Whereas Islam teaches peace, but why is there among the Muslims who did this act of terrorism?

Muslims who do acts of terrorism that is they are stupid, have a shallow understanding and has the spirit but without the science. Although they appear fluent in Arabic and memorize the Qur'an but they understand the teachings of Islam with their own lusts.

Some of them thought it was an act of terrorism as a form of jihad. The important thing to note that the concept of jihad in Islam is much different from existing forms of terrorism today. The purpose of jihad for maintaining the purity Islam built on justice and reject injustice, as for terrorism is built on justice and violence that changed the spreading anxiety.

Jihad aims to eliminate the temptation of listening to the truth and the teachings of Islam, but instead led to libel terrorism and preventing the people from the religion of Islam. Jihad has the ethics and etiquettes such should not kill the people who are not related to jihad, such as children, women, elderly people and religious scholars who did not join the war. While terrorism is indiscriminate slaughter, killing those innocent people, destroy public buildings and create chaos.

Jihad in Islam respecting agreements and proscribe fraud and treason, terrorism does not respect the agreement as for the principal even terrorist teaching is treasonous and fraud.
So very far between the teachings of Islam with the teachings of the terrorists. In every religion there would be a group of people who deviate. Similarly in Islam, there are some people who are too excessive so wrong in understanding the teachings of Islam itself.

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